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Tax Residency Certificate UAE

Tax residency certificate UAE

Tax residency certificate UAE

International trade relations are at an all-time high. Businesses operate globally to increase their customer base and improve profits. Such global operations enable the countries’ economic development and increase market competition. But the biggest issue is that of taxation of such operations.

Some of these transactions get double taxed, once in their own country and the second time in the guest country. Having a tax residency certificate is a solution to this problem. Once you prove you are a tax resident in a country, you need not pay taxes in another country. The UAE tax residency certificate or tax domicile certificate proves that you are a resident of the UAE.

This certificate prevents you from paying double taxes on the income earned in other countries. It lets you take advantage of double taxation avoidance agreements with other countries. If you are from a country with no double taxation agreement with UAE, you can get this certificate to avoid double taxes, provided you meet the eligibility conditions. You can also use it as an identity proof in the country.

Tax Consultants UAE is a prominent corporate tax consultant and advisor in the UAE. We make your corporate tax journey smooth, simple, and compliant. Helping entities and individuals with the UAE tax residency certificate is also one of our offerings. We help legal and natural persons to fill up the application form and submit relevant documents to get the tax residency certificate in UAE.

Tax residency certificate

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Tax residency certificate in UAE

Tax Consultants UAE helps you obtain the tax residency certificate in UAE by filling out the application form and submitting the relevant documents. With this certificate, you can:

To enjoy these benefits, you need to obtain the certificate. For that, you must check your eligibility. If eligible, you must submit the required documents and fill out the details in the form. Thus, a mainland or free zone company and an individual can obtain a tax domicile certificate in UAE

Our tax professionals complete this process without any hassle. Thus, we reduce your burden from this administrative procedure to help you focus on core operations. We also help our clients follow other mandatory requirements under corporate tax law in UAE.

Eligibility Conditions for Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai

Before applying for a tax residency certificate in UAE, determining a person’s eligibility is essential. The legal and natural person must meet these eligibility conditions before applying for the certificate.

A legal person is a UAE tax resident if it satisfies the below conditions:

Eligibility Conditions for Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai
Eligibility Conditions for Tax Residency Certificate in UAE

A natural person is a tax resident in UAE if they meet the following criteria:

  • If his usual or primary place of residence and the centre of his financial and personal interests are in the UAE, or if he meets the conditions and criteria determined by a decision from the Minister.
  • If he has been physically present in UAE for 183 days or more within 12 consecutive months.
  • If he:

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Required Documents for Tax Residency Certificate

Individuals and entities need to obtain tax residency certificates from the FTA. But they must submit documents as evidence of their identity and records during the application. Individuals and entities need to submit a separate set of documents for their UAE tax residency certificate.

Individuals must submit the following documents for a tax residency certificate in Dubai:

For the UAE tax residency certificate, entities must submit the following documents:

Procedure to apply for a tax residency certificate in UAE

Procedure to apply for a tax residency certificate in UAE

The procedure to apply for a tax residency certificate in Dubai is quite straightforward. Our first step is assessing your UAE tax residency certificate eligibility. If you are eligible, we move ahead with the steps on the Ministry of Finance’s portal. Before application, we keep all the documents and records handy. We fill out all the details accurately, complete it, and submit the form and the required documents.

If the Ministry approves the application, we submit the fees on your behalf. After a few days, you receive a confirmation email on the availability of your certificate. You can log in to the portal and download the UAE tax residency certificate. Thus, we help you with a smooth and accurate process of obtaining the tax domicile certificate in the UAE.