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International Taxation Consultants in Dubai, UAE

International Taxation Consultants Dubai

If you have business operations in more than one country, international taxation must interest you. Even if you plan to expand globally, you need to manage international tax planning. Global operations and cross-border transactions need you to manage several tax regulations worldwide. Thus, you must understand international taxation and invest time and money in its planning.

Tax Consultants UAE is one of the leading international taxation consultants in Dubai. Our expert advisory services make you aware of the tax, regulatory, and accounting requirements of your global presence and cross-border business relationships. You can determine the appropriate structure of your holding and operating companies with our international tax compliance planning. Our international tax specialists help you manage tax risks and expand globally. All these, when managed well, lead to tax efficiencies.

International Taxation Consultants Dubai

Why stress about the juggling between diverse tax regimes from different countries?

Let the expert international taxation consultants handle them to achieve compliance.

What is international taxation

What is international taxation?

International taxation means following the tax laws of countries where the entity operates. It includes the tax regulations of jurisdictions with which the entity conducts cross-border transactions. The entity must consider the applicable jurisdictions’ mandatory and voluntary tax requirements. It includes tax liability calculations, international tax compliance, and documentation requirements.

Significance of international tax compliance

UAE is a popular business hub in the world, particularly in the Middle East region. Many international businesses operate in UAE and conduct local and cross-border transactions. These transactions need to follow local and international taxation laws to be tax compliant.

With the introduction of excise tax in 2017, VAT in 2018, and corporate tax in 2023, many changes have occurred in business taxation. Also, UAE commits to the following initiatives:

Significance of international tax compliance

Exchange of Information on Request (EOIR)

Automatic Exchange of Information

Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS)

Commitment to all this requires UAE entities to follow international business taxation rules. The country needs to show its compliance with all taxation regulations in other countries. International tax compliance leads to:

Our role as international taxation consultants in Dubai

Our role as international taxation consultants in Dubai

Tax Consultants UAE is a leading international taxation consultant in UAE. We help companies in UAE handle their international tax compliance efficiently. As international tax consultants and advisors, we handle your tax-related local and cross-border transactions to comply with all applicable laws.

We help you handle the complexities of several tax regulations to mitigate international tax risks. Our international tax specialists help identify tax efficiency opportunities and make business decisions. Our extensive knowledge and experience handling tax matters in UAE, GCC, and other countries support your worldwide expansion.

Our international business taxation services

We provide international taxation services to help you sustain your business operations in various countries. With our knowledge of the tax laws of several countries, we help you expand your presence. It also leads to your compliance with the relevant international taxation requirements. You also enjoy group tax health checks to address all your tax compliance concerns. All these international taxation services give you a transparent financial picture of your business. You stay compliant, diminish losses, identify more investment opportunities, and reduce audit efforts. On top of this, you never have to worry about business growth because our tax efficiency plans consider that factor.

International taxation advisory services

Our advisory services for your international taxation help you achieve compliance with tax laws. We help clients identify their tax residency status and resulting tax liability. We assist you in income determination from business operations in different countries. It helps to determine the tax liabilities and plan out your future operations. Our tailor-made consultancy services help you solve your cross-border tax complications. We also advise you on the applicable tax benefits for your business under trade agreements. Our services include advising on the following:

  • Withholding tax implications on payouts to non-residents
  • Analysing tax treaties for tax relief availability
  • PE exposure and related tax effects
  • Minimising tax burdens for expatriates

International taxation planning

International taxation planning involves planning for domestic and international transfer pricing. We plan these transactions for your business based on arm’s length price to determine the correct tax liability. With the best international taxation consultants in Dubai, you can never go wrong with your transfer pricing transactions.
Our involvement includes:

  • The assessment of cross-border transactions with related and independent parties
  • An analysis of the implications of local taxation, double tax agreements, and multilateral treaties
  • The identification of your business’s tax position
  • Planning to achieve tax efficiency
  • Creating an effective strategy

All this helps you solve cross-border tax difficulties affecting your business operations. Thus, you can avoid potential risks. Our international tax planning services also provide a robust tax strategy for your business. It aligns with your corporate strategy and improves tax compliance for all group companies.

Business expansion and capital structuring

We understand your business type and the kinds of transactions you engage in. These, and an analysis of the international tax requirements help you expand globally. We develop your expansion strategy based on the compliance needs of the country you want to expand in. It removes the stress of planning from your head. Also, you ensure tax compliance even while expanding to other territories. We consider cross-border financing, cash access planning, and repatriation to give you the most appropriate global capital structure planning. Your capital structuring is well taken care of in our international tax planning, which includes the following:

  • Long-term and short-term planning
  • Structuring your outbound and inbound investments
  • Suitable vehicles for these investments

International tax compliance

Our capable international tax specialists handle tax compliances to make your life easier. Our international taxation consultants know all the compliance needs in every country of your operations. We work with you to keep you up-to-date with all your tax obligations and related procedures.

The aim is to meet international tax standards. It requires a complete focus on increasing transparency and tax efficiencies. With these objectives, we help your business grow and stay compliant. We make compliance easier, smoother, and more accurate to minimise non-compliance penalties for your business.

For 100% assistance on international business taxation issues,

Contact our expert international taxation consultants in UAE.