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Tax Clearance Certificate in UAE

Tax clearance certificate in UAE

Tax clearance certificate in UAE

Complying with tax provisions is a mandatory requirement in any country. By complying with these tax requirements, you save yourself from non-compliance penalties and a negative impact on your reputation. But how to show that you are compliant with tax requirements in UAE? You need to get the tax clearance certificate from the FTA.

The tax clearance certificate in UAE is a document showing your compliance with all tax-related obligations in the country. demonstrate that you have cleared. Thus, it is a certificate you can hang in your office to show you are a tax-compliant entity.

Your customers’ trust in you increases if you own this certificate from the FTA. If another entity shows an interest in acquiring you, you can show this certificate to prove your compliance with mandatory tax obligations. You need it to prove your clearance of all tax liabilities at the time of bankruptcy or liquidation.

It is also critical documentary proof when you need to deregister from VAT. VAT deregistration is needed when your sales proceeds cannot reach the mandatory and voluntary thresholds. Relevant authorities might also ask entities for a tax clearance certificate before providing access to special banking facilities or visa issuance. Thus, it serves as a crucial document for business entities.

Tax Consultants UAE is a reputed provider of corporate tax compliance services in the UAE. We help you apply for the tax clearance certificate on the FTA’s portal. We ensure a smooth, accurate, and complete process so that you receive the certificate without delay. Tax Consultants UAE, as your corporate tax partner, relieves you from the stress of tax compliance.

Tax clearance certificate

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Our services to obtain tax clearance certificates in UAE

Our services to obtain tax clearance certificates in UAE

Helping our clients with tax compliance is the expertise of Tax Consultants UAE. And providing complete support for a tax clearance certificate is one of our critical offerings. We help you apply for it on the EmaraTax platform, provide relevant documentation, and complete the procedure.

Step-by-step procedure to obtain Tax clearance certificate in Dubai

We engage in the following step-by-step procedure to ensure a hassle-free process of obtaining a tax clearance certificate in Dubai:

Log in or sign up for the EmaraTax platform
The first step is to use your login credentials or UAE Pass to enter the EmaraTax portal. If you don’t have these credentials, sign up and create a new account. We can help you create an account on this platform. Once you log in, it shows the online user dashboard.
Fill up the application form

When you click on the ‘New request’ tab under the Clearance Certificate tile, you can access the application form. Herein, you find all the necessary information to guide you in filling out the Tax Clearance Certificate application form. You need to fill up the following details on the application form:

  • Information of the trade license in any of the deregistered accounts – tax agency, VAT, or excise.
  • All details about the trade license – license number, issue date, expiry date, and license issuing authority.
  • Legal and license names in two languages – Arabic and English.
  • Tick one of the possible reasons for applying for a tax clearance certificate in UAE. These reasons include change of ownership, business closing, below the mandatory VAT threshold, or the voluntary VAT threshold. 
  • You can also add additional comments for the reason selected.
  • Details of the Taxable Supplies and Expenses in UAE Dirhams (AED). 

Final review and submission
We make a final evaluation of the information fed in the form and check the documents submitted. If everything is correct, we need to check the declaration form and submit it.

Show that you comply with all the tax-related obligations in UAE.

Contact Tax Consultants UAE for tax clearance certificate services.

Documents to submit for UAE Tax Clearance Certificate

You must submit the following documents along with the application form for a tax clearance certificate on the EmaraTax platform:

  1. A copy of the trade license
  2. Scanned copy of your financial statements from their date of issue until the current date
  3. Scanned copy of a declaration letter saying that you will not reach the mandatory or voluntary threshold in the next 30 days
  4. One of the below documents to show the proof of reason:
  • Sale contract in the case of a change of ownership
  • Proof of business closure in the case of bankruptcy or liquidation
  • Document showing the turnover of the entity from the date of de-registration to the current date, in case of below mandatory or voluntary thresholds

We help you fill in accurate information and submit complete documents for the application. The aim is to achieve consistency between the information mentioned and the documentary proof. This helps to make sure that your document is not rejected or doesn’t require resubmission. You get Tax Consultants UAE’s expert handholding at every step to avoid issues later.

Documents to submit for UAE Tax Clearance Certificate