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Corporate Tax Consultants in UAE

Corporate Tax Consultants in UAE

Tax Consultants UAE is a tax advisory and consultancy firm in the UAE.

About Tax Consultants UAE:
We are Corporate Tax Consultants in UAE. Our expertise in corporate tax-related matters helps you achieve clarity and compliance with taxation regulations.

Our corporate tax advisors deliver timely and accurate advice to you on corporate tax-related matters. Because of our experience and expertise in this field, our clients trust us with their CT compliance needs. Qualified professionals work on your project to make your corporate tax compliance a smooth exercise.

We study your business, products and services, and business transactions in detail. Based on the understanding, we manage your corporate tax calculations and compliance. Our experience of handling corporate taxation for various clients in different industries and results-driven approach ensures your business’ tax compliance.

Corporate Tax Consultants in UAE We assure you of 100% accuracy and timely compliance with corporate taxation requirements.

Our clients are happy with our end-to-end corporate taxation consultancy services, along with handholding throughout the process. You do not have to worry about the security and safety of the data shared with us.

Adding value to your business With our corporate tax consultancy services in UAE

What is our role as corporate tax consultants?

Complying with corporate taxation requirements and provisions is a big burden for individuals and companies. For some, the complicated corporate taxation rules create confusion. For some, they are so focused on their core business that taxation takes a backseat.

You need not worry about any of these cases since Tax Consultants UAE is here. We have a complete understanding of the UAE corporate tax laws, guidelines, and compliance requirements. We keep ourselves updated with any new corporate tax-related notifications.

Our corporate tax consultants in UAE help you achieve compliance with any and every taxation law. We help you prepare any submission documents and submit the relevant forms and documents to the authorities. We keep you compliant always to avoid penalties that may impact your cashflows.

We keep a check on all your business transactions to assess corporate tax liability.

We monitor your business at frequent intervals for corporate tax compliance. We maintain records of all transactions that affect your corporate tax calculations at the financial year-end.

We use our extensive experience, knowledge of local tax laws, and expertise in handling different clients to your advantage. We help you become tax compliant and deliver value to your business operations. We handle all your corporate tax-related queries to deliver insights for your business.

FAQs - Tax Consultants UAE

A tax on the net income of a company is called corporate tax. For a country, it is a source of revenue. It is called by other names such as ‘Business Profits Tax’ or ‘Corporate Income Tax’ in different countries.
The new corporate tax regime that will become effective from the financial year starting from June 1, 2023, or later, imposes a 9% tax rate. The new tax rate is applicable to UAE businesses earning taxable income equal to or above AED375,000.0. For businesses earning less than this amount, the tax rate is 0%. More details will come out when the legislation is finalized in the months to come.

Yes. For businesses engaged in the extraction of natural resources, this federal-level tax rate does not apply. They are subject to Emirates-level tax rates. There might be other exemptions that the Ministry will announce at the time of final legislation.

Since the new corporate tax will be a federal tax, the Federal Tax Authority will administer, collect, and enforce the taxes. The Ministry of Finance will manage the international agreements and talks on taxation-related matters.
If foreign businesses and individuals conduct a business or trade in the UAE, then the corporate tax rate will be imposed on them.
An individual’s salary is not subject to any corporate tax under the new tax regime.
The UAE corporate tax is not levied on incomes generated by foreign investors from interest, dividends, royalties, capital gains, and any other returns from investments.